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Cylinder head work at APE is done on the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We have facilities to completely rebuild all motorcycle heads. As a manufacturer of high-performance cylinder head components, we have all of the parts in stock: bronze valve guides, stainless steel valves, valve springs, titanium retainers and more. Everything we need to complete your job without waiting on the parts - which slows down most shops.

APE's super state-of-the-art Serdi cylinder head machine, with triple-float head for the most accurate valve seats possible.

The Serdi uses a multi-angle carbide cutter that has the seat shape ground into it. This ensures that all angles are exactly the same - all seat widths are exactly the same. A perfect valve job.

APE is the source for bronze valve seats for motorcycles. We supply them to many of the leading cylinder head shops and aftermarket manufactures. For more seat info, click here.

Bronze dissipates heat much quicker than steel which allows the valves to run cooler. Another benefit is that bronze does not beat the valve faces up like steel seats do. This is especially beneficial with titanium valves.
Available for stock size and oversize.

See HW-48 below for pricing

APE offers damaged combustion chamber repair. This is a good way to save those high dollar race heads that may have dropped a valve, etc. 

We completely weld up the chamber, them CNC a new combusition chamber.  Damages seats are replaced with APE bronze seats.  valve job is completed and head will be ready to shim and install. 

Please note that this is a little pricy, and if your head is stock, it is probably cheaper and faster to find a used one.

From $500 +

When shipping a cylinder head to APE please read our Shipping Instructions carefully.

Include an APE work order form when sending parts in for labor.

Ship parts to:
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Rosamond, Ca. 93560
Porting with complete head assemblies only

HW-3-4S Install bronze valve guides - labor only - single cylinder head** $65.00
HW-3-8S Install bronze valve guides and size for valves - labor only - 8 valve head $95.00
HW-3-16S    Install bronze valve guides and size for valves- labor only - 16 valve head 135.00
HW-3-20S Install bronze valve guides and size for valves - labor only - 20 valve head 150.00
HW-4-4 Performance (std size) valve job - single cylinder head** 129.00
HW-4-8 Performance (std size) valve job - 8 valve head 189.00
HW-4-16  Performance (std size) valve job - 16 valve head 229.00
HW-4-20 Performance (std size) valve job - 20 valve head 325.00
HW-5-P Big valve installation with porting (see ported heads below) ---
HW-5-4 Install oversize valves and blend ports, each side - single cylinder head** 59.00 + valve job
HW-5-8/16 Install oversize valves on stock seats and blend to ports. Each side 8 and 16 valve fours. 199.95
HW-5-20 Install oversize valves, each side, 20 valve. 256.00
HW-6 Cam clearance Kawasaki head 75.00
HW-7  Assemble head (Seals extra) included in valve job 59.00
HW-7SP Adjusting spring heights when assembling head 50.00
HW-10 Install idler adapter in GPZ head 65.00
HW-20-8 8-valve head. Disassemble, inspect, clean combustion chambers and valves, lap valves in. reassemble. NO PARTS INCLUDED. Seals extra. 149.00
HW-20-16 16-valve head. Disassemble, inspect, clean combustion chambers and valves, lap valves in. reassemble. NO PARTS INCLUDED. Seals extra. 189.00
HW-40 Port and valve job 8-valve 985.00
HW-45 Port and valve job 16-valve 985.00
HW-48 Install 16 APE bronze seats in four cylinder head. 799.00
LC-415 Machine one valve stem 15.00
LC-420 Machine one valve head and stem 20.00
LC425 Grind one valve face 4.00
LC-350 Surface cylinder head 30.00

**NOTE: HW-3-4S, HW-4-4 and HW-5-4 are for single cylinder engines.

All prices subject to change without notice.