Andrew Delgado JR

Hi, my name is Andrew Delgado JR and I am 16 years old and my riding number for 2011 is 92 and my friends call me Junior.

I started the 2010 series on a Honda 250R and had a lot of mechanical problems. Had some great races with awesome results then find myself with no motorcycle to ride for round 6. My friend John Sides asked if I would like to race his AS Racing CRF450X and we would just change number plates after he finished his race.

I was excited for the opportunity to be able to race in the 450 class for the first time on an awesome bike!

When John Sides finished his race we switched number plates, filled the bike with gas, made our way to the start to get a good line ,John comes over and tells me to get a good start, don't hurt his motorcycle or myself.

When the flag dropped I got the hole shot and had a few battles with some other racers in the first and second lap by the third lap I had a comfortable lead and continued on to win the race. Sides bike ran awesome and I felt faster the minute I got on it. So that is how my 2010 series ended.

In the off season my dad and John decided that I will race a Honda 450R in the 2011 race series. John had his old 450R and all the parts were in a box and the frame in his garage. The motor needed to be rebuilt. John tells me that APE supplied the valves for his bike so we go to APE with 3 junk heads hoping to find one good one.  APE pulled of a miracle and salvaged one of the heads and installed one of their stainless steel valve kits along with a JE piston and an awesome engine dress up kit and all necessary parts to complete the rebuild.

Once we got motor back from APE and put the bike together it ran great, it was fast, and i liked everything about it.

USDR Round 1 was a race I have been waiting for since the final round of the 2010 series. Friday morning we headed out to Red Mountain to start the 2011 series. When we got there I practiced until it got dark, Saturday practice was canceled and I was upset because I like to check out the course and find good lines, so I just did a couple more practice rides.

Sunday morning when I woke up it was really windy, I like the wind during the race because it keeps the dust to a minimum. I gear up go to the starting line early and like all racers I start to get butterfly's. I was ready for the race to begin. Once the green flag dropped I grabbed the hole shot on my APE 450R.  I battled the first lap with a couple racers by the time I get to the pits my dads arms are stretched wide indicating I had a good lead. I was finally able to relax a little bit and breath. For the last three laps I was never challenged. I finished in first place, so I think that was a great way to start of the season.

I would like to thank my Mom and Dad, my little brothers, John Sides, APE Racing and the APE counter guys, Factory FX, AS Racing and Willow Springs.       

Junior Delgado #92