APE offers a first-class production facility. This includes a state-of-the-art machine shop for modifying existing engine parts such as: Boring and honing cylinders, boring engine cases, head surfacing, block surfacing, valve jobs, lightening and balancing crankshafts.

We also operate a complete aerospace-type CNC machining facility in which we manufacture our world-famous racing products. These facilities are all on-site at the APE race shop. Besides the services listed below, APE also offers:

Complete Cylinder Head Service
Crankshaft Service
Transmission Service

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APE's super state-of-the-art Serdi cylinder head machine, with triple-float head for the most accurate valve seats possible.

The Serdi uses a multi-angle carbide cutter that has the seat shape ground into it. This ensures that all angles are exactly the same - all seat widths are exactly the same. A perfect valve job.

 If you're sending engine components to APE for machine work, send to this address:

7347 Rosamond Blvd.
Rosamond, Ca

Note that below there are part numbers corresponding to machine work performed "with piston purchase." These special-priced part numbers require that the pistons be purchased at the time the work is done.

Please read our shipping instructions carefully.

Include an APE work order form when sending parts for labor.

 Four Cylinder with Removable blocks
 LC100  Bore and hone with piston purchase $120.00
 LC150  Bore and hone with customer's pistons 199.00

Four Cylinder one-piece block and upper cases
LC200 Bore and hone with piston purchase 340.00
LC200P Bore and Hone with customer's pistons 375.00

Twins/one block
LC175 Bore and hone with piston purchase 70.00
LC176 Bore and Hone with customer's pistons 145.00

LC180 Bore and hone with piston purchase 47.50
LC181 Bore and Hone with customer's pistons 85.00
LC201D Deglaze cylinder 16.00

LC250 Bore block, install sleeves, surface, air-cooled 4 cylinder 120.00
LC250W Bore block, install sleeves, surface, liquid-cooled 4 cylinder 195.00
LC350 Surface block or cylinder head 30.00
LC275 Removed undamaged sleeve / replace 35.00
LC275-D Remove damaged sleeve / replace 70.00
LC300 Machine o-ring grooves (wire provided) 35.00
LC350B Surface bottom of cylinder when changing sleeves 30.00

Removable blocks
LC145 Bore and re-nikasil single cylinder - w/Piston purchase 210.00
LC146 Bore and re-nikasil single cylinder - w/customer piston 230.00
LC155 Bore and replate four cylinder with piston purchase 399.95
LC156 Bore and replate four cylinder with customer's pistons 489.95

One piece block and upper case
LC157 Bore and replate four cylinder with piston purchase 524.00
LC158 Bore and replate four cylinder with customer's pistons 575.00

LC225 Pin-fit one (1) piston 5.00
LC235 Pin-fit four (4) pistons w/piston purchase & bore and hone   N/C
LC500 Gas-port one (1) piston with piston purchase 35.00
LC550 Gas-port one (1) customer's piston 55.00
LC400 Machine one (1) piston's valve pockets with piston purchase. 18.00
LC450 Machine one (1) piston's valve pocket's in customer's piston 30.00
LC600 Bore pin hole for larger pin 49.00

LC410 Machine valve-head diameter and grind face 15.00
LC415 Machine valve stem to length and cut keeper groove 15.00
LC420 LC410 and LC415 Add $10.00 ea. if customer supplies valves. 20.00
LC416 Grind one (1) valve face 4.00
LC417 Grind one (1) valve stem tip 4.00

LC125 Re-bush Carrillo Rod 75.00
LC650 Install one helicoil 25.00
LC700 Bore engine case for larger sleeves, no studs. 89.00
LC725 Remove studs from top case 30.00
LC765 Install APE Sprocket Adapter on cam 50.00
LC765-NC Install APE adapter on cams with cam and sprocket purchase. N/C
LC770 Assemble Rods on Crank with rod purchase (bearings extra) 120.00
LC770CR Assemble customer supplied rods on crank (bearings extra) 199.00
LC775 Shot Peen Customer's Rods - set of 1-4 125.00
LC785 Remove Roller Bearing 20.00
LC800 Weld four cylinder roller bearing cranks 89.00
LC850 Labor Per Hour 89.00
LC110 Recondition Carrillo Rod 150.00
LC-HT Heat treat process 97.86
LC910 Cut ape wrist pins to custom length 7.50 ea.