World's Quickest Hayabusa Clutch Pack

Vince Testa runs an astounding 6.452 @ 209.72 mph on his Hayabusa. This is the quickest pass by a Hayabusa.
Vince's Hayabusa uses an APE Trac King Clutch, and stated the 6.45 pass only took .006" off of the stack.

You can run the very same clutch that the world's quickest Hayabusa uses. Trac King from APE.

You don't have to have a 6 second Busa to use a Trac King Clutch, but if you do, we have you covered.

Trac King Clutches congratulates HTP Performance as Ryan Schnitz qualified their Hayabusa Pro Street bike #1 with a 6.991 at 203.31 mph at Budd's Creek Maryland this past weekend in the 3rd event of the MIROCK Series.

Schnitz went on to a runner up finish, and setting the nitrous Pro Street record at 6.991

HTPs two other Pro Street bikes ridden by Danny Cox and Richard Gadson qualified 3rd and 5th respectively

Schnitz also qualified the new HTP Busa Pro Mod 4th at 4.25 @172mph Top MPH for the class.

All of the HTP Performance bikes use Trac King Clutches exclusively.

Photo by Tim Hailey

"I picked up big time with my APE Trac King clutches!! 1.33s 60 ft times :) I will be using these from now on! Thanks APE!!"
Crystal Dickerson Racing
"I started my season with the APE Trac King clutch, steels and fibers and immediatly my 60' time improved by .05 . I was using the stock clutch pac for my 08 Hayabusa and the 60' times where 1.62/1.60. Now 60' time are down to 1.57/1.55, my et's are more consistant, and we also won our 1st race using Trac King clutches. When the time comes for a new clutch I will be using Trac King."
Henry Charyk

Had amazing weekend at Bradenton motorsport part running your clutches 1.32 60 foot hand clutch and she did it last weekend and didn't even make a mark on the clutches strong and reliable product....
Nelson Lugoposted

If you are trying to race with an oem clutch pack, you are paying too much and you could be going quicker and winning more.

Trac King Ultra Performance clutch kits are specifically designed for extreme racing applications. From abusive drag racing applications to motorcycle powered race cars, these clutches will give performance that surpasses other clutches.

Drag racers that insist that oem clutches are the best… You owe it to your self to try a Trac King, you will never use an oem clutch again.

Race cars; Radicals, Mini Sprints, Micro Sprints and Dwarf Cars. Trac Kings will handle the abuse.


Trac King clutches are equally at home in stock and modified street bikes for extended clutch life and better clutch performance.

If you have the horsepower, we have your clutch. Try one today.

Part numbers ending in FO are friction disc only. All others are complete with friction disc and steel plates. Pack heights set where necessary

Order Trac King Clutches Online! -

Suzuki Part Number ("FO" is friction plates only)  
GS1100/1150 '80 - '86 TKC1150GS-FO $106.95
Hayabusa TKC1300GSX (2002-2011) 154.95
  TKC1300GSX-FO (2002-2011) 118.11
  TKC1300GSX-99 (1999-2001) 169.96
  TKC1300-HaysLU - for use with Hays lockup clutch 133.27
  TKC1300-HaySLR - for use with Hays/MTC slider clutch 144.10
  TKC1300-ROCK - For use with MTC Gen2 slider and Rock Solid clutches. 1.717" stack $144.10
GSXR1000 '01-'04 TKC1000-4GSX 139.44
  TKC1000-4GSX-FO 102.81
GSXR1000 '05 - '08 TKC1000-8GSX 160.42
  TKC1000-8GSX-FO 120.66
GSXR1000 '09 - '15 TKC1000-15GSX 160.42
  TKC1000-15GSX -FO 120.66
GSXR1100 '86 - '88 TKC1100GSX-88 $181.16
GSXR1100 '95 - '98 TKC1100GSX-88 $181.16
GSXR1100W '93 - '98 TKC1100GSX-88 $181.16
GSXR1100 '89 - '92 TKC1100GSX-92 169.16
Bandit '97-03 TKCS1200 $139.62
GSXR750 '00 - '02 TKC 750GSX-02 $152.42
GSXR750 '03- '05 TKC750GSX-05 $139.62
GSXR750 '06-'09 TKC750GSX-09 $169.95
Z1900/KZ1000 THRU 1976/'81 TKCKZ1000-FO $63.71
KZ1000J 1981-'05 TKC1100GPZ-FO $84.96
GPZ1100 THRU 1984 TKC1100GPZ-FO $84.96
ZX636 ZX6R '03-'04 TKCZX604-FO $95.16
ZX10R '04 - '05 TKCZX10-05 $171.60
ZX10R '04 - '05 TKCZX10-05-FO $102.81
ZX10R '06 - '16 TKCZX10-10 $145.88
ZX11 '90 - '01 TKCZX11-FO $84.76
ZRX1200R '01 - '05 TKC1200RR $147.64
ZZR1200 '02 - '05 TKC1200ZZR-FO 84.76
ZX12 '00 - '05 TKCZX12-FO $155.95
ZX14 '06 - '15 TKCZX14 $160.40
  TKCZX14-FO $95.95
YZF R6 '99-'05,'07,'09 (8 plate) TKCR6-05-FO $73.05
YZF R6 '06-'09 (9 plate) TKCR-0-9FO $73.05
YZF600RR 95-07 TKCYZF6-07-FO 114.70
R1 04-05 TKCR1-05 $121.54
R1 06-08 TKCR1-08 $121.54
  TKCR1-FO ('04-'08) $81.56
  TKC1000RR $179.95
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