Nitrous Oxide and Related Accessories

When it comes to Nitrous Oxide there are only two names you need to know: APE and NOS. For the motorcycle enthusiast who wants to be sure of optimal nitrous system yuning, the NOS 03000 series systems are the ultimate.Measured amounts of N2O and fuel are injected directly into each cylinder's intake port, lending control, perfect tuning and complete adjustability.

This becomes especially important for those of you who n eed super-high nitrous flow for all-out racing. The engine tuner can control each cylinder individually, so you can change the mixture variation merely by changing jets. Some special installation procedures may be required. APE manufactures billet nozzle manifolds for most popular applications, others will rerquire drilling and tapping intake ports for nozzle installation.

When you consider an increase of torque and horsepower on the order of 35-40%, it's clear that the initial effort involved insalling the system is 100% worthwhile.

Kit Contains:
2 lb. aluminum bottle (empty due to air freight regulations)
Fuel system injector pump
Exclusive "fogger" nozzles
Aircraft quality nitrous feed line
All necessary mounting and installation hardware
Complete instructions and tuning tips

High-flow fuel petcocks are necessary when using NOS kits.
03008 Four cylinder $877.95
03011-2.5 Harleys, all models w/2 lb. bottle 881.95


APE offers a billet nitrous fogger plate for the KZ / GPZ model Kawasakis. They mount to the head and feature separate tapped holes for mounting the large manifolds.

They are tapped for NOS / Nitrous Express fogger nozzles ( not included. )

KNP1000 KZ1000 $89.95
KNP1100 1000J / GPZ1100 (Does not fit OEM fuel injected heads) $89.95


Precision CNC machined billet nitrous manifolds install between the rubber carb boots and the cylinder head. Manifolds are tapped for NOS "fogger" nozzles. Using APE billet manifolds make installing your NOS kit a snap. Certain models feature o-ring sealing to the cylinder head. (GSXR 1100 shown) Works with any brand nozzle that has 1/16 npt thread..

Comes in set of four. Fogger nozzles not includeed.


NOSMS1100W GSXR750/1100 WATER COOLED (Available to stock on hand)
NOSMS750T GSXR750T 1996-'99 (Available to stock on hand)
NOSMK1000 KAWASAKI 900-1100


Programmable Nitrous Control System

The Schnitz Electronics Progressive Nitrous Controller utilizes a digital micro-controller for precise timing and control over the injection of nitrous oxide. The rate of nitrous injection is programmable for beginning and final power percentages. The unit also contains a built in digital delay timer alllowing precise control of the starting time of the nitrous injection. An advanced feature is the ability to select the pulse frequency that the nitrous and fuel solenoid operate at. Also, a +12 volt output is available for activating an ignition retard unit or relay. The output is controlled by a digital timer. The timer starts when the unit is activated.

Adjustable in 1% increments 20-100%.

Built in timers for the Progressive, and an additional timer that can control another stage of NOS.

No diodes, or relays needed, just five wires to hook-up.

Adjustable pulse frequency from 20 to 40.

Used by the fastest four cylinder cars and bikes in the country.

The PNC-101 comes with the wiring harness, but they are also available separately.

NOTE: The timer system in this unit will automatically reset 20 seconds after being activated. If the activation power is removed and then re-activated, the Progressive Nitrous Unit will continue from the point where activation was halted. If you get out of the throttle and get back into it, you pick up at the point where you left off at.

PNC-101 Programmable progressive nitrous controller Call for Price

Showerhead Distribution Blocks

For custom plumbing of single and dual stage nitrous kits. Super-high flow. 1/8 NPT in, 1/16th NPT out. The showerhead features individual fittings for each nitrous or fuel line. Splits one line from the solenoid into four to the foggers. One each required for nitrous and gas.

16767 Showerhead 56.25

NOS Bottles

NOS bottles come in four sizes. All feature high-flow valve.

14700 10 oz. 137.95
14705 1 lb. 174.95
14710 2 lb. 166.95
14730 5 lb. 206.95

NOS Fuel Pump

NOS uses a true vein type pump to maintain smooth pressure to the fuel-enrichment system. This pump is included in all kits.
15760 NOS Fuel Pump 126.95


NOS Fogger2™ Nozzle

An improvement over the original Fogger, the Fogger 2 features the most advanced nitrous/fuel distribution available today. Fogger 2s are available standard, 180°, 90° left and 90° right discharge. Feature super-quick jet changes.
13700B Standard $52.21
13701B 180° (shown)
13702B 90° left
13703B 90° right

Nitrous Purge Valve Kit

Designed to purge Nitrous vapors at the solenoids for instant and consistent nitrous injections. When you hit the button, response can be delayed due to the time it takes the liquid nitrous to reach the solenoid. This purge valve solenoid bleeds accumulated nitrous vapor from the supply lines. Includes solenoid, push button, filter and wiring.

16030 Purge valve kit 138.95

NOS Fuel and Nitrous Guages

NOS custom guages help you keep your nitrous system in tune. For example, the best performance is gained when nitrous pressure is between 750 and 900 psi. The guage can alert you of low pressure before making a run.

15910 0-1500 psi 61.95
15900 0-15 psi 50.75

Fogger Nozzle Tap

This tap (included in all kits) is necessary for installing NOS Fogger nozzles in manifolds, heads etc.

15990 Fogger Nozzle tap 27.00

Fogger Nozzle Funnel Jets

NOS Fogger Nozzles use metered funnel jets to both nitrous anf fuel inlets. Tuning power is done by increasing or decreasing nozzle jet size. Each fogger takes two jets; one fuel, one nitrous.
#14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28

13765 - (jet size) Fogger Nozzle Funnel Jets 10.53

Bottle Brackets
NOS Bottle brackets are available in two styles, steel (included in NOS kits) and billet aluminum for that hot custom look.
14100 For 2 and 2 1/2 lb. bottles 45.50
14105 For 1 lb. bottles 52.25
14110 For 5 lb. bottles 60.50
Billet Aluminum
14101 For 2 and 2 1/2 lb. bottles 134.95
14102 For 10 oz. bottles 64.95