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In July ‘06 APE moved into a state of the art performance center at the legendary Willow Springs Raceway in eastern Kern County California.
The purpose-built facility houses a CNC manufacturing wing, as well as sales and warehouse space. This has allowed APE to increase personnel to o er faster service to the racing community.
APE operates one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities devoted exclusively to racing components for Japanese motorcycles. In the beginning, APE manufactured aerospace parts as their main product line and motorcycle parts were a sideline. The racing products were manufactured to the same precise quality demands as the aerospace parts. This quality soon led to the use of APE products by the top racers world wide. Many of the aspects of the aerospace business are now incorporated in the racing parts line. This
includes the use of state of the art computerized CNC machinery.
Jay Eshbach, APE president, states that the company is continually exploring ways to increase production which allow prices to remain unchanged.
“I’m often asked how we can still sell adjustable cam sprockets and starter plates for the same price we did four years ago? The answer is that we make many more per hour than we did four years ago. This way we can build the necessary increases in net revenue, build higher quality products, without having to charge more for them”.
7347 W. Rosamond Bl. Rosamond, Ca. 93560 P: 661-256-7309
F: 661-256-7809

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