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APE o ers crankshaft stroking. This process involves moving the rod journals away from centerline to increase the overall stroke in the engine. This modi cation can be performed
on cranks that have damaged rod journals, as well as good cranks. APE strokes all plain bearing 4-cylinder cranks.
APE is known world-wide for
our race prep on four cylinder
plain-bearing crankshafts. The who’s
who of racing depend on APE cranks for performance and dependability. Over 40 years experience modifying motorcycle cranks is available for your motorcycle.
APE experts have reworked every kind of four cylinder plain bearing motorcycle crank there is. From the old Honda sohc 750 to the latest GSXR1000.
The advantage of a lightened crank... Much quicker throttle response, less power wasted trying to turn a heavy crank means more power to the rear wheel. The engine accelerates faster. Harder pull o  the corners. Reshaped counterweights move through the oil mist with less drag. Lighter cranks have less gyro e ect.
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