Note that the stock cam has an OEM line scribed on the sprocket end (fig. 1). The oem line lines up with the "1" on the oem sprocket. Before you install the APE sprocket and adapter, you will scribe a line on the APE adapter that lines up with the SINGLE DOT on the APE sprocket.

1. Take the APE sprocket assembly and center the bolts in the adjustment slot and snug the bolts so the sprockets will not move (fig 2).

2. As shown in figure 2, scribe a line on the APE adapter (a) that lines up with the single dot (b) on the APE sprocket.

3. Remove the stock sprocket from the cam.

4. Remove the APE sprocket from the APE adapter. Press the APE adapter onto the cam so that the scribe mark you made lines up with the oem line on the end of the cam. Support the cam securely. Use red Locktite in the adapter and press it on until the end of the adapter is flush with the end of the cam. DO NOT PRESS ON FURTHER.

5. When you bolt the APE sprocket on to the APE adapter ,orient the sprocket so that the single dot is lined up on the side that has the scribe mark.

BE CAREFUL when removing stock sprockets and installing adapters. Support the cam securely or damage can result. Be sure that bolt heads etc. clear the head casting and cam cover. Cam bolt torque14 ft. lbs. Do not overtighten.