Installation Instructions for the following APE part numbers:

CS650K, CS600K, CS650S, CS750YZF, CS900D, CS900K, CS1000R1, CS1000Y, CS1000S, CS1052GSX, CS1100FJ, CS1100K, CS1100S, CS1127GSX, CS1150S.

1. Long threaded end must be installed in the case.

2. Note stock stud location before removing. There may be several different stud lengths.

3. After removal of stock studs (removal tool #SP-100 available from APE) thoroughly clean holes with solvent and blow out.

4. Use APE stud installation tool #08-151 or two 10x1.25mm nuts on the short end thread. Dip long thread in oil and install in the case. Torque to 12-15 ft. lbs. maximum.

5. Install head, and following manufacturer's torque pattern, torque nuts to 36-42 ft. lbs.