BEFORE REMOVING STOCK SPROCKETS FROM THE CAMS...note that the stock sprocket has the markings; IN and EX with lines. On the intake cam, scribe a line or make a center punch mark in line with the line under "IN". On the exhaust cam, mark it in line with the line under "EX". Now carefully remove the sprockets.

Install the APE sprockets on the adapters so that the bolt is centered in the slot and snug bolts. On the APE sprockets, the single dot represents the line under IN. Position the adapter on the intake so that the dot lines up with the mark you made on the cam. Remove sprocket and install adapter.

Repeat for the exhaust cam with the double dots representing the line under "EX".

Clean all oil from the adapter and use Locktite. Press the adaptor on straight. If it is not installed straight, the sprocket will wobble.

After cams are degreed in, lock bolts to 17-19 ft. lbs. of torque. OVER TIGHTENING CAN DAMAGE ADAPTER OR BOLTS. Cam degreeing supplies are available from APE.

As the heads of these bolts are short, be sure to use a socket without excessive chamfer. It may be necessary to modify a socket to fit cam bolts correctly.

Rotate the cam in the head to be sure bolt heads clear head casting before starting engine.
NOTE... It may be necessary to notch the cam cover gasket in four places as shown, for bolt head clearance.