Racers know that you can not trust high performance motors to automatic cam chain adjusters. Easy to install, the manual tensioner can not back out allowing the cam chain to jump the sprockets as the auto adjusters have been known to do. The APE Pro Series manual adjuster replaces the factory BMW tensioner.

The unique design features a CNC-machined aluminum body, stainless hardware, and an adjuster that uses a 4mm hex wrench for easy access in tight conditions.

BMW1000RR (2009-2017)

Part# BT1000-PRO (with replacement o-ring)


BMW K1200 (2006-2009), K1300 (2008-2016).

Part# BT1200-PRO (with two 6mm mounting bolts)


Trac King Ultra Performance clutch kits are specifically designed for extreme racing applications. From abusive drag racing applications to motorcycle powered race cars, these clutches will give performance that surpasses other clutches. Drag racers that insist that oem clutches are the best… You owe it to your self to try a Trac King, you will never use an oem clutch again. Trac Kings will handle the abuse.

Trac King clutches are equally at home in stock and modified street bikes for extended clutch life and better clutch performance. If you have the horsepower, we have your clutch.

S1000RR 2009 - 2019
S100R 2013 - 2020
S1000XR 2014 - 2019
HP4 2012 - 2015

#TKCB1000RR - $229.00

#TKCB1000RR-FO (Friction plates only) - $179.95

"I picked up big time with my APE Trac King clutches!! 1.33s 60 ft times :) I will be using these from now on! Thanks APE!!"

Crystal Dickerson Racing
"I started my season with the APE Trac King clutch, steels and fibers and immediatly my 60' time improved by .05 . I was using the stock clutch pac for my 08 Hayabusa and the 60' times where 1.62/1.60. Now 60' time are down to 1.57/1.55, my et's are more consistant, and we also won our 1st race using Trac King clutches. When the time comes for a new clutch I will be using Trac King."

Henry Charyk
"After several frustrating issues with the clutch on Ben Knight's Busa, we switched over to Trac King clutches. The immediate improvement carried me to a 3rd place finish in Street ET and 1/4 finals in Streetfighter at the Thunder Valley Dragbike Shootout. Super consistent 60' times never varied by more than .010!!! Thanks!"

Darren Burnett - Psychobike forums